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Our Services

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Insurance Brokering

We broker insurance to companies in all industries, utilizing both domestic and international insurance markets. We have excellent contacts with the insurance market both in Finland and around the world and we always act in the customer's interests in mind. In cooperation with the customer, we design, build and implement an insurance program to suit the customer's business needs and risks. 

Risk Management Consulting

We consult companies in risk management and prepare a risk management policy for the company if necessary. In cooperation with the client, we carry out risk identification, assessment and implementation of measures. We will make the necessary visits to the sites and report the results. We can also act as an outsourced risk management department if requested.

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We'll train your company's staff in all matters related to insurance and risk management. We can provide a workshops on project risk insurance or train and advise board members on management's liability risks and their insurance. 

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We manage your international insurance program and coordinate insurance cover in the target countries with our international broker partners. 

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M&A Services

We'll write a due diligence report on the target company's insurance policies, either on behalf of the buyer or seller, broker M&A insurance policies such as warranty & indemnity insurance, tax liability or environmental impairment liability insurance. With the help of our broker partners, we'll structure Warranty & Indeminty insurance according to the requirements of the transaction process, even when there are several buyer candidates.

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Project Risk Insurance Services

We advise the customer on all matters related to project insurance, comment and, if necessary, prepare the insurance requirements for the project. We design, build and tender the insurance cover needed for the project and place insurance coverage efficiently in the insurance market. 

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Claim Services

A loss event is always a bad thing. Once the immediate effects of the loss have been dealt with, it is time to negotiate the claim with the insurer. We assist the policyholder with our extensive experience and help manage the claims handling process to achieve the best possible result for the client. 

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Cyber Insurance

With the help of our partner companies, we help identify and assess the risks related to the company's data security. Together with the customer, we plan and implement the procurement of cyber insurance in such a way that it meets the customer's risk management and risk transfer needs. 

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Energy Sector

We know the risks of the energy sector. We advise the customer on insurance-related matters, comment on risk management and carry out competitive tendering, as well as place a comprehensive insurance program for the energy sector companies. 

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Special Situations

Internationally operating companies can face certain specific risks, such as political instability in the target country and the threat of terrorism. Managing these situations can be assisted with the help of special insurance, such as Kidnap & Ransom Insurance (K&R), Political Risk Insurance (PRI) and Political Violence & Terrorism Insurance. We can help you purchase these insurance policies from the international insurance market. 

Technology Companies' Liability Risks

We assist IT companies in assessing their risks, especially from the point of view of contractual risks, helping to settle insurance claims and negotiating insurance requirements with international parties. We help you to obtain liability insurance for an IT company that meets international requirements.


We advise infrastructure investors on the planning and implementation of insurance cover for an investment project and will provide the required reports. If necessary, we will also advise project lenders on insurance.